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Welcome to the CrateFit Ambassador Program.

CrateFIT strives to be the premier fitness and health crate you need to help supplement your fitness goals. We work with reputable brands to ensure you that you receive high-quality products in your goal to be the version you can be.

CrateFIT is a monthly membership that takes out the guesswork out of what supplements and fitness apparel you should try. CrateFIT delivers proven and well-known supplements and apparels straight to your doorstep every month, so that, you can get faster & better results towards your health & fitness journey.

How it Works

Our Brand Ambassador program is our way of saying thank you.

Every time someone purchases through your Tracking Link or uses your Tracking Discount Code, you are handsomely rewarded. The more you promote, the more benefits you'll receive. Spread the word!

*Tracking link must be used at the time of sale. If the link is not used at time of purchase, you will not receive credit for the sale.


A free box from CrateFIT*
$$ Commissions $$ (extra income)
*On Approval.

Ambassador Requirements:

  • Must be 18+ Years Old
  • Must follow us on all Social Media Accounts
  • If Local: Must schedule a photo shoot with the CrateFIT team.
  • Not-Local: They must provide their own content.
  • Promote: Once every  2 Weeks (minimum)
    • Standard Post + Story
    • Tag our Account + Include Hashtag #TeamCrateFit
    • Add: "📦@Crate.FIT - Brand Ambassador" on Instagram
  • Minimum 2,000 followers on Instagram
  • Monthly conference required.
  • Keep Active, keep inspiring, and have fun!

    *False claims and "inappropriate" posts in relation to CrateFIT will be subject to removal of the ambassador program.

CrateFit Ambassador Program
(for athletes, competitors, individuals)

25% for Brand ambassadors
(Heavyweight - 50k + followers)*

20% for Brand ambassadors
(Lightweight - 25k-50k followers)*

15% for Brand Ambassadors
(Sliverweight - Below 25k followers)*

Note: Tier placements will be evaluated based on social media performance including, but not limited to, post engagement, the frequency of posts, account activity, etc.


  • Payment will be paid within 60 days.
  • Ambassadors cannot receive commission or sales credit on their own orders, orders shipped to their address or orders from another ambassador.
  • Ambassadors cannot receive commission or sales credit on any orders using their personal discount code.
  • Commissions are calculated based on the Discount Subtotal of each purchase (after any discount has been applied) and does not include shipping costs ($6.99 per box).
  • Commissions will be paid upon discretion and must sign up for selected payment gateways.
  • All commissions paid out that are not claimed within 30 days will automatically be forfeited.
  • It is the Ambassador(s) duty to check the Athlete Portal for summary of commissions.

How To Join

Contact us via email and answer the following info.

  • First & Last Name
  • Email Address
  • City, State, Country
  • Instagram + Other Social Media
  • Why Should CrateFIT choose you as an Ambassador?

If you have been selected, you will be notified within 2-3 weeks of your submission date. 

Join The CrateFIT Team